Why It’s Important to Be CPR Certified


Accidents can happen anywhere at any time, right when you least expect it. By undergoing CPR classes, you have the proper knowledge to provide immediate medical attention or CPR to potentially save lives. By performing CPR, you keep oxygenated blood flowing to the brain and other crucial organs to increase the chances of survival.

As a home care agency that is also offering CPR training, we will share the reasons why you should get CPR certified:

  • Save Lives
    According to the CDC, about 659,000 people die from heart disease in the U.S. each year. In addition to medication administration classes in Ohio, learning to perform CPR allows you to potentially save lives. When CPR is promptly and properly performed, it can dramatically improve an individual’s chance of survival.
  • Prevent Brain Death
    Six minutes after the heart stops beating, brain death can occur. By performing CPR, you can keep the blood flowing and provide oxygen to the brain and other vital organs. This provides the victim a better chance for a full recovery, especially when CPR is performed within the first two minutes of cardiac arrest.
  • Gain Confidence
    By undergoing CPR training, you will learn the skills and knowledge needed to transform yourself from a bystander to the role of a lifesaver. Through CPR certification, you become more confident in your ability to respond to emergencies and know you are making the right decisions in case a cardiac emergency occurs.

With All My Heart is a leading provider of healthcare training services in Euclid, Ohio. Among our training programs, we offer CPR and First Aid training to teach our students how to respond to medical emergencies. Contact us to learn more about our training programs and home care services.

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