The Importance of Taking CPR Classes


Contrary to some beliefs, basic life support should not only be learned by healthcare professionals. Each of us should equip ourselves with life-saving skills to respond to emergencies.

Do you assist a family member in personal care practices, such as bathing and toileting? All the more that you need to identify ways in responding to emergencies like providing CPR.

Here are some reasons why you should take CPR classes:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a first aid we give individuals during emergencies—from a simple faint to cardiac arrest. It preserves brain function during a cardiac arrest and potentially saves their lives.
  • If you are a healthcare professional or a caregiver from a home care agency, learning this is not only significant but essential. You are caring for individuals in a vulnerable state.
  • Fall incidents mostly happen to seniors in the bathroom. While we ensure it won’t happen to them, we can never predict emergencies. By enrolling yourself in healthcare training services in Euclid, Ohio, such as first aid, CPR, or basic life support, you can save a life.
  • CPR stabilizes a person while waiting for emergency responders. Every minute counts.

With All My Heart believes that by investing in these pieces of training, we can secure the lives of the people we love. Enroll in our CPR classes now. We also offer medication administration classes in Ohio for healthcare professionals. Contact us.

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