Factors to Consider for Safe Medication Intake


We are all familiar with the term “overdosed.” Many individuals have left this world because of this. It can be someone we know, maybe a friend, a brother, a daughter, a colleague, or an acquaintance. Or someone famous we only see on TV and our social media pages. Thus, we cannot emphasize the importance of Medication Administration Classes in Ohio. This class should not just be attended by medical professionals, practitioners, and workers but also by lay people, whoever you are and whatever your occupation may be.

In Personal Care, we adhere to the rule to give no more or less of what the doctor prescribed unless immediate adverse effects show. And what we mean here isn’t just the medication amount, but other factors. Factors like the form of the medication (liquid, pill, crushed), conditions of the medicines (eating before intake, on an empty stomach, etc.), the medication schedule (morning, every 4 hours, etc.), medication side effects (drowsiness, nausea, etc.), and method of medication intake (oral, intravenous, etc.). Healthcare providers adhere to the five rights in administering medication: your right patient, the right drug, the right time, the proper dose, and the designated route.

With All My Heart, we know medication is a double edge that can cure or harm us, depending on how we intake it. Thus, our Home Care Agency believes that your care is teamwork consisting of our staff, your family members and loved ones, and you. We know that the more informed you are, the more conscious you are of your actions, mainly when taking any medication.

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