Effective Senior Medication Reminder Strategies


One of the most useful components of regular medical care is medication reminders. A little help keeping track of many medications can go a long way, from pill-minder trays to online calendars. In extreme cases, effective medicine reminders can mean the difference between life and death. With All My Heart offers several innovative strategies for better medication management.

  • Create a Bedtime or Morning Routine
    Routine is one of the simplest strategies to manage multiple medications. Making taking medications or supplements a regular part of your morning or bedtime routine will train your body to do so instinctively.
  • Make Use of a Pillbox
    Inquire with your pharmacist or in-home care provider about removing pills from their original packaging; some prescriptions come in pre-formed plastic packaging known as blister packs. Place your pillbox somewhere conspicuous, such as the kitchen table, and keep it away from dampness, heat, and light as well as children and pets.
  • Leave Yourself Notes
    Post-it Notes work well on your bathroom mirror or bedside. You can also keep track of your medicines with a dry-erase board, erasing reminders after each dose. When you hire our nursing assistant, they will make certain that you take your meds at the right dose and time. To protect your safety, we ensure that they have completed medication administration classes in Ohio.

Remembering to take your medication is an important aspect of enjoying your golden years. And the easiest way to do so is to incorporate it into your daily routine. Contact our home care agency today for more information on how to make your retirement or caregiving obligations easier!

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